W301 Wicked Colors Pearl White

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Wicked Pearlized & Metallics Colors

Vivid colors with luster effect created by a reflection of light.  Wicked Pearlescent Colors include a mix of both pearlized colors made with mother of pearl white, which is natural in W301 Wicked Pearl White and tinted in other colors such as W302 Wicked Pearl Yellow.  In addition, organic metallic pigments are utilized in colors such as W350 Wicked Gold and W351 Wicked Silver.

·         Darker hues of Wicked Pearl Colors spray best through a spray gun or through a 0.5mm or larger airbrush tip-size.  Wicked Pearlescent and Metallic Colors do not spray well through smaller tip-sizes due to the pearlescent powder and are not intended for atomization at lower psi  settings.

·         Wicked Pearlescent and Metallic Colors cover semi-opaque.  A uniform base color or sealer coat is best to achieve a uniform value.

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