W112 Wicked Colors Detail Dru Blair Set

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Wicked Colors has expanded its color range to include new “Wicked Detail Colors”. Developed and tested by world renowned artist Dru Blair, “Wicked Detail Colors” are designed for exacting precision, tight detail and superb line control. Like all “Wicked Colors”, “Wicked Detail Colors” flow and spray even through the smallest tip-sized airbrushes.
  • W051 Detail Black
  • W052 Detail Yellow
  • W053 Detail Scarlet
  • W054 Detail Orange
  • W055 Detail Violet
  • W056 Detail Red Violet
  • W057 Detail Blue Violet
  • W059 Detail Moss Green
  • W060 Detail Viridian
  • W061 Detail Cobalt Blue
  • W068 Detail Raw Umber
  • W070 Detail Sepia
  • W074 Detail Burnt Sienna
  • 2 x W030 Opaque White
  • 2 x 4012 Reducer
*Please note colours may vary subject to stock

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