W021 Wicked Colors Fluorescent Raspberry

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Wicked Fluorescent Colors

Intended for all applications: automotive, illustration, textile, modelling and most anything that can be painted.

Compatible and directly inter-mixable with Auto Air Colors.  Wicked Colors and Auto Air Colors are not compatible for direct mixing with Createx Airbrush Colors.

Multi-surface: aluminium, textile, wood, soft plastics, synthetic fiber, fibreglass, treated metal, glass, paper, canvas, brick, concrete

Compatible with all types of urethane primers, paints and clears as well as most all other types of primers and clears such as epoxy and water-based materials.

Vivid neon colors best applied over a white base.  They are made with optical brighteners to enhance the pigment’s luminescence.

Fluorescent Colors, including Wicked Fluorescent Colors are not light-fast and are not intended for long-term, exterior finishes.

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