4030 Auto Air Colors Inter-coat Clear

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4030 Intercoat Clear

A non-catalyzed, polyurethane, water-based clear for use as an inter-coat and mixing direct to colors for improved performance and coating integrity upon curing.

  • Apply 4030 Intercoat Clear over Auto Air 4600 Series candy₂O  and 4300 Series Metallic & Pearlized Colors to prevent tape marks.  4030 Intercoat works well as a protective coating over Wicked Colors and Createx Illustration Colors.
  • Use 4030 Intercoat over Auto Air candy₂O  to prevent bleeding into top-coated colors.
  • Mix 4030 Intercoat 10% per volume with Auto Air candy₂O.  If a less viscous paint mixture is desired, reduce further with 4012 High Performance Reducer or 4020 Automotive Reducer.
  • 4030 Intercoat’s polyurethane, water-soluble resin mixes well with all Auto Air Colors, Wicked Colors and Createx Illustration Colors to create a more durable coating after air drying.  When mixed direct with colors, 4030 acts like a viscous reducer which improves flow & sprayability as well as creating a more durable coating which is less susceptible to moisture and direct contact soon after drying.
  • Compared with 4004, 4030 Intercoat dries to a more transparent, cleaner coating which is harder and more durable.

Not for use as a top-coat clear

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