5092 Illustration Flexi Adhesion

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 "Tim Gore’s Bloodline"
5092 Bloodline Flexible Adhesion Promoter
A colorless, water-based primer which is very tacky which allows Bloodline Colors, as well as other water-based paints, to adhere to flexible, slick substrates such as latex without chipping or cracking.
Simply apply the Flexible adhesion Promoter direct to the substrate. Scuffing is not required. Dries to a clear, tacky film with incredible adhesion to latex over which Bloodline Colors adhere excellently.
After applying Bloodline Flexible Adhesion Promoter, apply 5090 Createx Illustration Transparent Base in several light coats to create a matte base, over which the matte finish of Bloodline Colors, Createx Illustration Colors and Wicked Detail Colors will be preserved.
May also be mixed with colors for direct to substrate application. As when painting any flexible substrate, working in light coats without paint build-up is essential to achieving a strong film which does not chip or flake off.

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