Illustration Bloodline - Individual 60ml Bottles

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5035-02 (60ml Old Bone White)   £10.83 (8 items available)

5036-02 (60ml Dermatitis Tan)   £10.83 (7 items available)

5037-02 (60ml Injury Ochre)   £10.83 (7 items available)

5038-02 (60ml Infectious Pink)   £10.83 (3 items available)

5039-02 (60ml Blood Red)   £10.83 (4 items available)

5040-02 (60ml Coagulated Crimson)   £10.83 (11 items available)

5041-02 (60ml Vascular Violet)   £10.83 (8 items available)

5042-02 (60ml Deep Bruise Purple)   £10.83 (5 items available)

5043-02 (60ml Expired Blue)   £10.83 (7 items available)

5044-02 (60ml Code Blue)   £10.83 (7 items available)

5045-02 (60ml Decay)   £10.83 (6 items available)

5046-02 (60ml Blunt Trauma Umber)   £10.83 (17 items available)

5047-02 (60ml Diseased Umber)   £10.83 (8 items available)

5048-02 (60ml Surgery Sienna)   £10.83 (6 items available)

5049-02 (60ml Vile Green)   £10.83 (7 items available)
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Createx Illustration Bloodline - created by Tim Gore

Createx Illustration Bloodline Colors are a special set of colors created by renowned special effects artist Tim Gore.  The Bloodline Colors feature colors designed for the subtleties of painting everything from "hyper real" creatures, humanoids, monsters, zombies, latex masks resin kits and anything you can imagine

The Bloodline series contains 15 colors and is an addition to the Createx Illustration Colors.  Tim Gore's Bloodline Colors share the same properties and attributes as Creatx Illustration Colors and are also intended for reduction with 4012 High Performance Reducer.

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