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Auto Air Colors Aluminium Fine - Black Widow Home Cinema Mix:

For the Ultimate Home Cinema mix it has been widely agreed that Auto Air Colors Aluminium, when mixed with the below emulsions, provides the perfect shade between White and Gray to optimise the projected image.

The result is a very bright and reflective base, from a non-interference substance, therefore giving astounding results and benefits:


  • Better Blacks
  • Bolder Colors
  • Whiter Whites
  • Excellent performance with both ambient light and lights out dedicated setups
  • A brighter and more vibrant image without the color shifting problems caused by iridescence
  • Sharper image quality and shadow detail

Suggested Formula's when using Auto Air Colors Aluminium Fine

(please check with Home Cinema Forums for best advice on the most successful emulsion for the mix):

Black Widow EU Formula

  • 4 parts (ie. 960ml) of “Johnstone's Covaplus Vinyl Matt Finish” tinted (NCS color code: S 0907 Y70R) paint from Johnstone's or Leyland Trade.  Dulux Grey Steet 3 or 4 is the latest emulsion tried also with good results.
  • 1 part (2 x 120ml) of “Auto-Air Aluminium Base Fine” (code: 4101) paint 

Note 3: If you can't find the "Johnstone's Covaplus Vinyl Matt Finish” try the "DULUX Vinyl Matt". 

Grey Steel1 00NN 31/000 ( it is the darkest one )
Grey Steel2 00NN 53/000 ( RGB(184,184,182) - N7.8 )
Grey Steel3 00NN 72/000 ( RGB(219,220,219) - N8.8 )
Grey Steel4 00NN 83/000 ( it is the lightest one - N9.3 )

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