SM Designs is the longest running and most successful airbrush school in the UK

Airbrush Classes
Airbrush Classes
Airbrush Classes

Airbrush Classes
Airbrush Classes

If you want to learn how to airbrush bikes, cars, life casts, make-up, prosthetics, models, in fact just about anything then SM Designs is the place for you. Nestled in the heart of the beautiful Co. Antrim countryside, our secluded, yet convenient location is the perfect retreat. Free from noise and distraction you can focus totally on perfecting your airbrushing skills in our state of the art teaching facility. Our classes are delivered in a relaxed yet informative manner by Simon Murray

Simon has been a professional airbrush artist/instructor for 25 years. During that time he has painted over 2000 individually commissioned pieces of artwork and has sold over 30,000 copies of his instructional DVD’s worldwide as well as over 1 million YouTube views. Simon no longer takes on commissioned artwork preferring to focus 100% on airbrush tuition.

In addition to our Northern Ireland classes Simon also teaches regularly in England, Norway, Cyprus, Germany and the USA.

Simon doing live demos on our airbrush classes:

SM Designs - Airbrush Classes. Airbrushing. SM Designs - Airbrush Classes. Airbrushing. SM Designs - Airbrush Classes. Airbrushing.

Unsure who to go to for your airbrush lessons?
Here are the facts:

We are the UK`s only 100% dedicated /purpose built airbrush teaching facility

Our students come from all over the world with many repeat customers

We regularly bring in the world’s top airbrush artists to teach at our school

Several of the other English “instructors” are actually students of ourselves

We don’t compete with you buy taking on commissioned artwork and only teaching part time

Continual tech support even after the class

We pick you up every morning from your B&B and back each evening

Home cooked meals everyday

No Taxis, Buses or walking.

At SM Designs we appreciate the fact that you have traveled some distance to attend our classes. Therefore we are only to glad to collect you and take you back to your accomodation each evening. This applies to Northern Ireland classes only.
For travel information from the airport and accomodation with morning pick ups please click here.

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Students will be able to buy equipment & paints on the class!