4000-03 Auto Air Colors Additive Set of 3

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SET INCLUDES 1 x 120ml of each of the following:

5618 Airbrush Cleaner            4008 Airbrush Restorer           4012 High Performance Reducer

4008  Airbrush Restorer


Restorer is a biodegradable super cleaner which partially dissolves dried paint.  Use as an end of day soak to clean airbrush and spray gun parts.

·         Soak parts for 10 minutes up to one hour then clean with brush and water

·         Restorer will partially dissolve any dried or cured paint as well as soft plastics, keep away from stencils and other plastics

·         Not for use as a cleaner between color changes while painting.

·         Rinse parts with water thoroughly after soaking with Restorer

·         Restorer is reusable; store in a metal can or ceramic cup for multiple uses.

·         Water-based.  Tested to meet ASTM D-4236 labelling standards.

5619 Createx Colors Restorer is the same as 4008 Auto Air Colors Restorer

4012 High Performance Reducer


High Performance Reducer is a premium thinner that enhances flow, decreases drying times and improves film curing through air drying alone.

High Performance Reducer is recommended for use at all times when painting with

Auto Air Colors

4012 High Performance Reducer may be mixed with Auto Air Colors in any ratio.  Reduce in great amounts to create low viscosity, transparent colors which atomize finely through small tip-sized airbrushes.  Reduce in small amounts for use with larger tip-sizes and spay guns; refer to application guide for further information

Airbrush Cleaner: Water-based cleaner used to rinse paint from airbrush and spray gun in between color changes.

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