4101 Auto Air Colors Aluminium Fine

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4101 Aluminium Fine

Black Widow Cinema Mix = 480ml to 2litres Dulux Grey Steel Emulsion (please call for smaller quantity details +44 (0)28 25647237)

Actual aluminum-flake colors often used as base for 4600 Series Candy Colors.
Highly reflective – more so than 4300 Series silvers.
Best applied over 4002 Sealer Dark or an underlying coat of Auto Air, not direct to the substrate.
Aluminum Bases are may require a longer period to cure than what is required for most other Auto Air Colors due to coating used to prevent aluminum from gassing.
Use of mid-coat prior to aggressive masking for graphics may prevent peeling.
Mid-coat may be of a urethane inter-coat clear or Auto Air 4004 Transparent Base.
Use of mid-coat may not be necessary, especially if Aluminum Base Colors are thoroughly cured.
Intended for application with a spray gun or large tip-sized airbrush.

Hard Surface Guide PDF


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