Airbrush Classes
Airbrush Classes
Airbrush Classes

Airbrush Classes
Airbrush Classes

Airbrush and Custom Paint Classes...

If you have ever wanted to try airbrushing or have a go at Custom Painting, then SM Designs is the place for you. Nestled in the heart of the beautiful Co. Antrim countryside, our secluded, yet convenient location is the perfect retreat. Free from noise and distraction you can focus totally on perfecting your airbrushing skills, in our state of the art teaching facility. Our classes are delivered in a relaxed yet informative manner by Simon Murray

Simon has been a professional airbrush artist/instructor for 22 years. During that time he has painted over 1500 individually commissioned pieces of art and has sold over 25,000 copies of his instructional DVD’s worldwide. Simon no longer takes on commissioned artwork preferring to focus 100% on airbrush tuition. In addition to our Northern Ireland classes Simon also teaches regularly in England,Norway,Cyprus, Germany and the USA.

Simon doing live demos on our airbrush classes:

SM Designs - Airbrush Classes. Airbrushing. SM Designs - Airbrush Classes. Airbrushing. SM Designs - Airbrush Classes. Airbrushing.

Here are some facts that may help you to decide which tutor to use:

We don't compete with you

SM Designs is the UK's only 100% dedicated airbrushing / custom painting teaching facility. We do not take on commissioned artwork as we feel this would be a conflict of interest and unfair to students. At SM Designs we prefer to focus totally on our students and actually refer paint work enquires to them when possible.

No hidden costs

The price we say is the price you pay. All equipment used for the duration of the course is free, including as much tea /coffee as you can drink throughout the day. The NI class includes cooked lunch. All students take home their work whether it is on panels, T-shirts, practice helmets or tanks, canvas boards and even car bonnets free of charge. And don't worry if you can't get it on the plane, we'll post it!

No Taxis, Buses or walking.

At SM Designs we appreciate the fact that you have traveled some distance to attend our classes. Therefore we are only to glad to collect you and take you back to your accomodation each evening. This applies to Northern Ireland classes only.
For travel information from the airport and accomodation with morning pick ups please click here.

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Students will be able to buy DISCOUNTED equipment on the class!